As a Divorce Coach, I help you move forward confidently while saving time, money and emotional fatigue.
I am a thinking partner and cheerleader for you. I will hold you accountable and motivated when you want to throw in the towel.
I will help you break down tasks so they do not feel so daunting and help you organize your questions so that you use your time with the expensive professionals efficiently.
I will ensure you speak to the right professionals so that you set yourself up for the future that you want for yourself and your kids.
I help you envision what you want your next chapter to look like and define the steps to make it a reality.
I help you reclaim your power, your sense of self and explore dating and finding love again.
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Are you going through a divorce?

Divorce can feel overwhelming because it affects every aspect of your life. It is not just a marriage ending, it has ripple effects extending to your kids, your finances, your extended family, your friends, where you will live and your own identity.

And there is no simple road map out there on 'how to get divorced' because everyone's situation is so different. It is a lot to process!

Most people going through a divorce feel so many different emotions throughout the process: scared, frazzled, angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, insecure, alone, just to name a few.

Many times we are not even aware that we are existing in 'fight or flight' mode for months leading up to and for many months after the divorce is finalized.

And the stakes are high because decisions made during the divorce can have long-lasting repercussions to many aspects of your life.

Working with me as your coach will help you reclaim your power and move forward confidently while saving time, money, and emotional fatigue.

Where are you now in the Divorce Process?

Deciding you are ready to leave your marriage is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. And even once you make the decision, sticking to your decision and taking action can feel impossible. If you have been going back and forth for a while and want an objective sounding board to help process your thoughts, reach out to me. I can also point you in the right direction to other professionals who can answer questions you might have for both the emotional and practical side of these big decisions.

Download This Values Excercise

Download this Values Assessment to help you determine what your core values are and whether your current relationship is supporting you to live within your core values.

Divorce is a complicated process, there are so many different stakeholders involved including your kids, family, ex-spouse, professionals and yourself.  Trying to keep all the balls of regular life and the divorce moving is hard.  Add on dealing with your own emotions, helping your kids through the process and trying to stay healthy and strong, it can be overwhelming. If you want support through this process, please reach out to me.

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Don’t waste time and regret, book a free call right now. Check out my 3-step plan below to get you through the divorce process faster with a settlement you are comfortable with and a co-parenting relationship that will help your kids thrive.

When we first start the divorce process, we just want to get through it so that we can be done with it.  But then the divorce is done and we are still here trying to pick up the pieces of our life and ourselves and sometimes this process feels as daunting as the divorce process itself.  If you want support as you evaluate who are and where you are today and where you want to be down the road, I can help.

Download This Values Excercise

Download this Values Assessment to help you determine what your core values are at this point in your life and how you can define your next chapter to align with your core values.

Don’t waste time and regret, book a free call right now.

Check out my 3-step plan to get you through the divorce process faster with a settlement you are comfortable with and a co-parenting relationship that will help you and your kids thrive. 


Ingenious Way
Ingenious Way
@Google Review
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This review is for Lee and I can say she has helped me immensely and seems to have a great way of asking questions and providing guidance that has helped me to look at life in a positive way and make plans that will guide my life on a productive path. She is a very caring person and her support has been a god send. I have a deep sense of gratitude for her being here in this time of need. Thanks Lee
Fred's Channel
Fred's Channel
@Google Review
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I've taken part in group sessions, and Lee has a great way of reaching multiple people who are in various life stages. Whether you're navigating the beginning of a divorce or it's been several years for you, Lee can work with you and guide you on your way to a fulfilling life.
James Bryan Prado
James Bryan Prado
@Google Review
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She is outstanding , she helped me with my process in finding the Best Self and it really works! , I recommend her for helping you in your process too.
Sean Sindler
Sean Sindler
@Google Review
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Lee was my divorce coach, and she helped me tremendously. Some of the benefits I got from her coaching include envisioning the best future for me and my kids; focusing on what I could control in the process; and understanding how my actions impacted my relationships with my kids. All of those benefits were huge for me, and I’m sure for her other clients as well.
Frank loturco
Frank loturco
@Google Review
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Lee helped me immeasurably, providing insight on how to be more present and only control my own behaviors. I am very glad that Lee coached me during a difficult time!
Johnny Hill
Johnny Hill
@Google Review
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She is an expert!


  • Lee was extremely helpful during my divorce. Her background, knowledge, patience, and compassion were exactly what I needed during a very stressful and confusing time. Lee has continued to be helpful to me during this post-divorce time with everything, including dating and career decisions. I am grateful for Lee’s assistance and highly recommend her for anyone undergoing life transitions.

    Neta W.
    Atlanta, GA
  • Sean Testimonial

Why would I need a Divorce Coach?

Don’t I just need an attorney and possibly a therapist?

Divorce Coach

  • Educates you about the divorce process
  • Focuses on the future and how to achieve your goals
  • Helps you identify other professionals you may need during the divorce process and prepare for meetings with them 
  • Assists with mediation preparation
  • Helps you learn how to communicate with your STBX (or your ex) to build an effective co-parenting relationship
  • Helps you develop self care rituals to deal with the stress during this process


  • Focuses on your past (family of origin issues) and how you got to where you are now
  • Helps you work through emotions such as grief and loss
  • Helps you manage mental health issues such as depression and anxiety

Divorce Attorney

  • Educates you about the law in your state
  • Helps you get financial information from your spouse
  • Hopefully helps you settle the divorce in mediation
  • Advises you on how a judge would rule on your case
  • Helps you negotiates your settlement and drafts any legal documents

We can all lose our Best Self during the emotional Rollercoaster of a Divorce.

Doing an exercise like this helps us define who we are when we are in our Best Self and then catch ourselves during the divorce process when we are not acting in our Best Self. Staying in our Best Self will help us get through the divorce process faster with our sanity while showing up to support our kids, and create a workable co-parenting relationship