My Favorite Divorce Resources


the broken circle project

The Broken Circle Project

Stories from children of divorce about how it affected them
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picture your divorce

Picture Your Divorce

Written by a divorce attorney with charts and decision trees showing possible ramifications of each decision you make during your divorce.
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the life saving divorce

Picture Your Divorce

Deciding to Stay or Leave an Abusive Marriage geared to those who are religious and have additional guilt tied to religion
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divorce and remarriage in the church

Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

Processing your divorce and future and making peace with your choices and how they fit into your religious beliefs
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if the buddha dated

If The Buddha Dated

Healthy ways to connect with others without the attachment to an outcome, I really like the connection between Buddhist philosoty and dating
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if the buddha were in love

If The Buddha Were In Love

Healthy ways to be in love without losing yourself in the process, I am still working on this
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love is not enough

Love Is Not Enough

Fascinating listening to Mark coach people through their unhealthy relationship patterns and his asides about what he is seeing was eye opening to me.
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how to be an adult in love

The Mastery of Love

Beautiful book on love written by the author of The Four Agreements
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how to be an adult in love 1

How To Be An Adult in Love

I liked this book, concepts are really simple, almost like everything you learned in Kindergarden but applied to love.
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Divorce Recovery, Trauma Healing & Attachment Theory

whole again

Whole Again

This book was life altering for me, it helped me understand that my body is the key to truly connectiing to my emotions.
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if the buddha were in love


This book was helpful for me as I wanted to understand Attachment Theory for my own healing.
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dr. ramani

Dr. Ramani

Dr. Ramani and this channel was mind blowing for me, I knew very little about narcissists before this channel. After listening I finally understood that I was repeating a pattern of choosing people with narc tendencies into my love life and had some healing from my childhood to do.
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the body keeps the score

The Personal Development School with Thais Gibson

A wonderful book on Somatic Healing and how we store trauma in our bodies
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the school of greatness

The School of Greatness

This podcast is one of my favorites, I have learned so much and grown a lot myself from what I have learned from Lewis Howes.
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the subtle art of not giving a fuck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Great book, easy read and great real life stories to apply the ideas.
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I loved this book for so many reasons, mostly her resilience and how each chapter beautifully captured so many important topics in a very human way that everyone could relate to them
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the personal development school with thais gibson

The Body Keeps The Score

Thais Gibson and this channel was transformative for me, she does such a great job explaining attachment styles and how they play out in relationships.
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A very easy way to reduce accumulated stress from the body
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