1 on 1 Coaching can help with

  • Divorce Preparation & Organization
  • Co-Parenting During & After Divorce
  • Divorce Recovery & Rebuilding
  • Post-Divorce Identity & Defining Next Chapter
  • Dating Post Divorce
  • Mediation Preparation
  • Divorce Conflict Management
  • Self Care During & After Divorce

Details & Benefits of 1 on 1 Coaching:
  • 1 on 1 coaching is tailored specifically for your individual situation
  • Each session is focused completely your needs at that time
  • I will help you stay strong and healthy through the divorce process so that you can feel good about your choices, parenting, the co-parent relationship you are establishing and the settlement you agree to 
  • We will work together to help you be proactive to vision and take steps to develop the life that they want for themselves 
  • Sessions can be regularly scheduled or as an as-needed basis (I recommend the first three sessions be weekly and then as needed thereafter)
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Group Coaching

Details & Benefits of Group Coaching:
  • 2 months of group coaching - 3-5 people per group
  • Group coaching will be shared coaching sessions with a few people going through similar challenges during the divorce and the divorce recovery process  
  • The group will stay together for the entirety of the 3 month group coaching program
  • Sessions times will be pre-scheduled and agreed upon by all participants in the group
  • Group coaching is wonderful because you can learn from each others experiences and be a support for others which can healing too 
  • Group coaching is a great option if 1 on 1 coaching is not feasible or as a supplement to 1 on 1 coaching

Support Groups

Details & Benefits of Support Groups:
  • 10 weeks of two hour group sessions - the first hour will be a presentation by a different professional each week and the second hour will be a support discussion with time for sharing and answering questions at a high level
  • A Support Group is a great way to gain support and guidance that is generalized to the big picture of divorce and divorce recovery
  • You will meet others who are going through similar challenges
  • You can get high level answers to questions and get some guidance from the various professionals that come each week to present at the support groups
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Divorce Recovery Retreat

Details & Benefits of Divorce Recovery Retreat:
  • 3 Day Divorce Recovery Retreat
  • A shared healing get-away experience for those going through or healing from a divorce
  • The retreat incorporates many healing modalities including support groups, breathwork, gentle stretching, massage and excursions in the area location
  • You will meet others who are going through similar challenges
  • You return to your life feeling renewed and ready to begin the next chapter with the right mindset in place