Is your divorce final but you are not sure how to move forward? Did you lose your sense of self in your marriage and need help reclaiming it?

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Healing from divorce and reclaiming your confidence, sense of self and post divorce identity takes time.  Many of us have to get comfortable with the idea of being single again and learn to be OK flying solo.  This can be a difficult process but it is also a beautiful opportunity to get to know yourself again and find what lights you up inside.

Many times there is some trauma and healing work that needs to take place as well.  This work takes time and effort but it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.  I have walked this journey and it is one of my greatest joys to help others down this path. 

What are your top values at this time in your life.  Download this free values assessment to help you determine what your priorities are right now and how to take action based on those priorities.

Co-parenting is not easy and some ex’s make it much more difficult than others.  However, in life, we only have control over our own actions and reactions.  Bad behavior from your ex might cause an initial emotional reaction on your part but you have choices about how you respond.  For your own health and sanity, learning how to react in healthy ways will benefit you, possibly your ex, your long-term co-parenting relationship and definitely your children.

Download this free guide of the 6 key messages to share with your kids during divorce and the 10 things you should not talk about with your kids.

Are you struggling with co-parenting and feel like the frustration will never end?

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Are you considering dating but not sure where to start?

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I offer a complimentary Discovery Call to determine if I can be of help to you and how we can best work together to help you meet your goals through the season of divorce and beyond.

Dating after divorce is exciting and scary at the same time.  It definitely has its ups and downs and very few of us find that our first relationship after our marriage is the golden ticket.  There is so much excitement and fun with a new relationship and there is also a lot of learning and growth too.

I had some incredible experiences and hard lessons in my first post-divorce relationship.  This set me on a path of intense self reflection and personal development that I am so grateful for because I know I am a healthier person to date and can spot red flags very quickly these days.  I had to do some real work on myself, work through some past trauma and family of origin stuff but I am so glad I invested the time and energy.  It is a gift I gave to myself and has made me a happier and more centered person.  It is a process of being open to new ideas, people, and relationship styles and worth every minute!

I have had three serious relationships since my divorce, I am definitely a relationship driven person. They were each wonderful in their own ways and I learned a lot about myself through those relationships.  I would love to share some of the knowledge and confidence I have gained over the last few years with you.