Is Using A Mediator Rather Than Attorneys The Best Option for My Divorce?

Free Evening Presentation on Divorce Mediation

It is hard enough coming to terms with the fact that you need to get a Divorce (or that your spouse has decided that they want a Divorce).  Deciding what type of Divorce is right for you can be extremely overwhelming especially during this time of intense vulnerability and stress.

There are many permutations for ‘How To Get Divorced’ and there are pros and cons to each one. 

Every couple has to figure out what process is best for them to uncouple in a productive and efficient way that will provide a fair and equitable outcome with the least pain and financial burden.  

This FREE information session will provide an overview of what it means to have a Mediator help you through the Divorce Process without hiring two separate attorneys:

  • Traditional Divorce – two lawyers and a mediator and possibly court 
  • Collaborative Divorce – multiple professionals involved through mediation
  • Mediator Only – no legal representation on either side, possibly a Divorce Coach present for each party and maybe having an attorney review the settlement agreement before signing
  • Self Driven Divorce – everything agreed upon and filed by divorcing parties

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Everyone says they wish they had more support as they went through their divorce.  We are here to provide you with some additional information and support to help make your decisions a bit easier and well thought out.

amy goodblatt

Amy Goodblatt

Attorney & Family Law Mediator
Lee Israch Wright

Lee Wright

Divorce Coach