What You Need To Know About Refinancing or Getting A Mortgage After Divorce?

Free Evening Presentation with Mortgage Broker Kevin Boudreaux

It is hard enough coming to terms with the fact that your marriage is ending but the practical nuts and bolts decisions need to be dealt with as well.  Deciding what to do about housing,  keep the house, buy your ex out, sell it, buy something else or refinance, it is so hard to know which direction to take.

Every couple has to figure out what is best for them to uncouple in a productive way that will provide a place to sleep with an affordable monthly mortgage.  This is essential to help the kids feel they still have a home with the least pain and financial burden.  

This FREE information session will provide an overview of Mortgage Decisions:

  • Refinancing After Divorce 
  • Buying Other Spouse Out
  • Creative Solution

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Everyone says they wish they had more support as they went through their divorce. We are here to provide you with some additional information and support to help make your decisions a bit easier and well thought out.

Kevin Boudreaux

Kevin Boudreaux

Mortgage Broker
Lee Israch Wright

Lee Wright

Divorce Coach