Speaker Lee Israch Wright
In this podcast , Lee talks about how people pleasing and perfectionism both stem from some level of insecurity but both have the result of not showing up fully as your full authentic self for fear of the judgement or negative reactions of others. Awareness of this concept and then observing yourself and your own behaviors can lead to understanding yourself, your actions and motivations a bit more clearly. Knowledge of self is power! And then with this awareness, you can learn to be comfortable showing up more authentically in life, sharing your true light with the world without feeling the need to constantly keep others happy or being perfect in every way.
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the divorce process and the post-divorce
recovery part, along with life transitions such as 


There’s a lot of  life transitions.


perfectionism and people pleasing both stemmed


some feelings of unworthiness or shame. 
Usually that started at some point in childhood


the environment with or the relationship with
your parents or with caregivers would fall apart. 


thought about how both of them keep from creating
deep intimacy in relationships


people around you and constantly monitor their
reactions, their moods, and to try and keep them 


the perfectionists tend to be so critical of


from that and hopefully change our reactions


letting your intimate partner know  some of those insecurities


to learn to get to know themselves because we’re pretty cool, interesting people who have flaws. 


some self-love and self-worth and self like of who you are.

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Hosted by Lee Wright
Certified Divorce Coach

Season EBB & Flow Podcast Be Isnpired

I am a Divorce Coach and I work with my clients and community in many different areas to continue to heal and grow through the divorce process and in the years post-divorce.

This Podcast will talk about every aspect that I believe is helpful for both men and women who are navigating the choppy waters of the divorce itself, the gentle waves of healing that must take place as the divorce storm subsides and then the beautiful horizon as you look at the sun setting over the horizon and define what you want your future to look like in this next season of