Speaker Lee Israch Wright
Lee talks about the importance of choosing your battles with your ex during the divorce process and beyond. The chances are high that your ex will keep doing many of the behaviors that drove you crazy when you were married. You can choose when to engage with your ex about these behaviors now because you can take the time to decide if it is really helpful to address them. Lee recommends asking yourself what is your agenda or end goal from bringing up an issue and do you think that by bringing up there will be a change of behavior or awareness on the part of your ex-partner. The answer to this question will help determine whether it is worthwhile bringing it up and then the choice is how you bring it up in order to keep the co-parenting relationship intact. She reminds us that it is a gift to our kids to keep a healthy co-parenting relationship and by choosing your battles with your ex, you are essentially giving your kids a gift from the heart.
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the timeline for adjusting to the idea of divorce
and getting yourself into that future thinking 


rebuilding phase and how each person in the couple
is going to go through that at different times


a point where you hit like kind of rock bottom


I have to do something differently I am ready


people who have to go through that process and
sometimes one person in the couple goes through 


where they’re like I want out I’m over and
done with this relationship and they tell the 


getting ready to date or things like that and this


free fall and uh you just have to recognize that


it definitely helps both parties I think if you 


we’re just neither of us are happy with each
other anymore and uh you know we just can’t 


the grief it can be very uh disheartening to feel 


might bottle it up stuff it down compartmentalize 


divorce some of my anger and hurt only really 


divorce I think I maybe unconsciously knew that
I wasn’t ready to do all of that work right away 


no easy path you have to go through that painful 


are well and doing the best you can


so take care if this was helpful
please send me a like a comment 

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