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Positive Motivational Video DAILY | LISTEN EVERYDAY This video will take you through the Best Self Exercise which is a tool to identify the characteristics you show when you are at your Best Self. This tool is very helpful to use as a reminder of how you want to show up during the stressful process of the divorce and in the post-divorce stage with co-parenting. It is crucial to identify baseline behaviors of when you are in your Best Self which will help you reach your goals of completing the divorce faster and with relationships with your ex and your kids intact. You can then catch yourself when you are straying from these behaviors and rectify your reactions to change the dynamic into one that is going to help you achieve your goals. As a Divorce Coach, I walk my clients through this Best Self exercise and help them consider ways to change behaviors if they are struggling to show up in this way. If you would like to set up a free consultation Feel free to schedule through this website.
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This best self exercise is really, really beneficial. It shouldn’t
help you go through the divorce process


to deal with things or we’re not dealing
with things effectively


your coparent, which is extremely important for
the benefit of your children and your sanity 


next phase and chapter of your life which is
actually an exciting process in and of itself. 


the guide, the best self exercise guide that
was emailed to you after you signed up


give you time to work on pieces along the way. 


you tend to fall into that don’t actually help
you, especially in this current relationship 


Now keep in mind, if you can spot it, you got it.


you’re going to create a list of you when you are
in your flow, when you are in a really good place, 


an activity that you love, that you are really
in a good place emotionally


performing or behaving in your best  self


You’re probably not. And you’re
just being completely honest and creating really


To incorporate for yourself and you when
you’re in your best self and a few sentences


And another thing I just wanted to mention here is
you can use this best self exercise in other ways. 


I want to show up in future love relationships
and it was really thought provoking

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Hosted by Lee Wright
Certified Divorce Coach

Season EBB & Flow Podcast Be Isnpired

I am a Divorce Coach and I work with my clients and community in many different areas to continue to heal and grow through the divorce process and in the years post-divorce.

This Podcast will talk about every aspect that I believe is helpful for both men and women who are navigating the choppy waters of the divorce itself, the gentle waves of healing that must take place as the divorce storm subsides and then the beautiful horizon as you look at the sun setting over the horizon and define what you want your future to look like in this next season of