Speaker Lee Israch Wright
This quick video talks about how the holidays can be hard emotionally. especially after a divorce or break-up. Lee reminds listeners that the dark times in life are temporary and that they pass and finding ways to make it through the tough times will give way to happier times again. And that what comes out of the dark places, like the lotus flower, many times, is a lot of growth and strength.
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how the holidays can be a hard time for
some of us, depending on what’s going on


for the holiday or a breakup since the divorce
with someone you’re dating


Change is the one constant in life,


And just try as hard as you can to find
joy from the little things.


dark place grows a beautiful flower that
eventually finds the light at the top of  the pond.


 So you might be in the dark mud
right now, but you won’t be there forever.


joy, whatever it looks like
for this season, happy holidays

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Hosted by Lee Wright
Certified Divorce Coach

Season EBB & Flow Podcast Be Isnpired

I am a Divorce Coach and I work with my clients and community in many different areas to continue to heal and grow through the divorce process and in the years post-divorce.

This Podcast will talk about every aspect that I believe is helpful for both men and women who are navigating the choppy waters of the divorce itself, the gentle waves of healing that must take place as the divorce storm subsides and then the beautiful horizon as you look at the sun setting over the horizon and define what you want your future to look like in this next season of