Speaker - Natalie
Lee and Natalie discuss how they each navigate through the challenges of change in mid-life with divorce and kids growing up. They share their experiences of grieving and other emotions along the journey through those changes.
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that we also don’t normalize, I think enough 
and talk about it whenever you’re going through  


for any type of loss that you have in your life.
It might look a little bit different


in those feelings and process through them, not
trying to push them away


healing comes from actually letting yourself go
into some of those hard feelings


I’m not really sure where to go. Like, I have no  idea what’s coming next.


It was just like, I felt that, and then I started  to feel some pain


things are going to trigger you and things are
going to come up and that’s healthy and normal 


you’re like saying your children are leaving the
home or just you’re going back from being a stay 


it’s helpful to know that you’re not the only one,
that everyone is going through some version of it, 


anytime you’re going through a life change, that
you’re going to experience the feeling of loss


of those stages that you’re talking about, it’s.