Speaker Cindy Fabrico
Cindy talks about the challenges that couples face and the tools she teaches the couples she works with that they can integrate into their day-to-day lives to ensure healthy communication and a strong long-term bond. She talks about Emotionally Focused Therapy and why it is her go-to method with couples therapy. This video will be great for anyone looking for tips on things they can do to improve their connection with their partner. Cindy talks about a book she has all of her clients read and how she uses it as a guide to help the clients learn to resolve issues together so that they don't need to come to therapy indefinitely.
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really feels dead to them, they  feel like there’s really no hope.


I’ve had a few therapists over  the years, and the ones that kind  of just make you feel good about yourself  really aren’t the ones that help you grow.


There are different schools of marriage
therapy that are kind of like primary.


they are not paying attention anymore because they
got the signal that you’re not paying attention.


you interested? I talked to couples a
lot about the importance of curiosity.


about, that they generally find fairly interesting
is the idea of interpersonal neurobiology.


Or she just wants to talk about, like, this
happened today and that happened today.


if you can tell the other person and they
can then be aware, like, okay, you need this.


People end up feeling terrible totally.


you’re going to need to walk out of your world
and cross a bridge land in my world, right.


It has to be on a case by case
basis and what’s going on.


Even a relationship like that, if both
parties do the work, can be rectified.


having there’s something going on individually,
they may not have any air that they can put in it.


about relationships, parenting,
like neurobiology, a good podcast.

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Hosted by Lee Wright
Certified Divorce Coach

Season EBB & Flow Podcast Be Isnpired

I am a Divorce Coach and I work with my clients and community in many different areas to continue to heal and grow through the divorce process and in the years post-divorce.

This Podcast will talk about every aspect that I believe is helpful for both men and women who are navigating the choppy waters of the divorce itself, the gentle waves of healing that must take place as the divorce storm subsides and then the beautiful horizon as you look at the sun setting over the horizon and define what you want your future to look like in this next season of