Speaker Lee Israch Wright
This podcast provides an overview of the four trauma responses, including fight, flight, freeze and fawn. Lee talks about how we default into unhealthy responses when we feel stressed or unsafe during a divorce. In the video, she explains how we can learn a bit more about each of these responses and become aware of our own behavior, slow our reactions down so that the executive function of our brain is running the show, not our reactive reptilian brains. Lee is a Divorce and Life Transition Coach who works with clients one-on-one, in groups and small events to help them heal from the past, build strength and hope for the next chapter.
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There are actually four trauma responses and
of when we are going through divorce.


finances, worried about your kids, extended
family and friends.


Nowadays we still have those instincts.


And we either react with fight, flight, freeze
or fawn.


But what I want to highlight here is creating
an awareness of those responses


you still have to co parent because potentially weddings and other
family occasions and grandkids, you name it.


Coming back to the trauma responses, understanding
which ones your ex has that buttons that push for you and how you react to those buttons.


The mammalian and reptilian parts of our brain


You can change the dynamic with your ex.


But as you start to change your actions and
reactions they will also start to change because they’ll actually just be in shock potentially.


Sometimes there was dysfunction in the family


But we’re not children anymore and we need
to learn to at least be aware of our behavior


Flight is trying to escape the situation or
sometimes it’s not wanting to deal with the situation


You just leave and get busy with something else.


The last one is where we try and people please


lack of ability to create any boundaries or
hold any boundaries.


I would like to save the relationship with
my ex as much as possible so that we can be


So I hope this was helpful and I will be making
more videos on each of the four responses

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Hosted by Lee Wright
Certified Divorce Coach

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I am a Divorce Coach and I work with my clients and community in many different areas to continue to heal and grow through the divorce process and in the years post-divorce.

This Podcast will talk about every aspect that I believe is helpful for both men and women who are navigating the choppy waters of the divorce itself, the gentle waves of healing that must take place as the divorce storm subsides and then the beautiful horizon as you look at the sun setting over the horizon and define what you want your future to look like in this next season of