Speaker Thomas Marks
Lee talks with Thomas Marks about why a collaborative divorce is a good option for many couples who want to keep their divorce civil, out of the courts and keep their settlement details out of the public domain. They explore the roles for each of the different professionals involved including the attorneys and the neutrals. They also discuss options for clients whose divorce is more simple and their options for keeping costs down. The discussion centers around why keeping the divorce proceedings amicable benefits everyone and how the collaborative process tries to make that happen.
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collaborative law and I’ve seen the benefits of it


child’s sport guidelines and alimony analysis and
equitable distribution worksheets and the mental  health


willingness  to work together


the two parties together and are the lawyers
there when the neutrals are meeting with them 


Florida Supreme Court’s rules every family law
attorney is supposed to talk to their clients 


so nice if every divorce could be more like that


collaborative could work in situations like that
when one of the parties is you know kind of you 


The Cooperative  cases settle as much as the collaborative 


alimony like what are what is their
need going to be after the divorce is final


focus on what they’re doing rather than sitting down taking
notes right then the not taker we’ll type them up 


agreement on the first three or four goals  with
your spouse it just helps facilitate the process 


that or passions that really fill them and in some
sense complete them and and bring joy into their  lives


call the office it’s the marks Law Firm