Support Groups

Do you feel alone on the challenging road through Divorce? Divorce can feel like a very isolating time for many reasons. This group has been created to provide opportunity to connect with others who are going through the similar life changes that divorce brings.

This group meets every other week and will provide a chance to share your biggest challenge at the current moment. The group will listen and possibly share how they dealt with a similar situation or ask questions to help you get the answer that you are looking for on how to move forward.

Lee Wright, Certified Divorce Coach will facilitate the group to ensure that everyone has a chance to share and be heard. Lee works with clients one-on-one and decided to start this group to create a community of support for those going through such a difficult life transition.

Surprisingly, it is sometimes to open up and be completely vulnerable with complete strangers than it is with those who are closest to you. And for some of us, we feel like we are leaning so strongly on family and friends and we want to take some of the load off of them.

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