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Especially during big or stressful life transitions, it is important to make conscious choices and daily small habits to put yourself on a positive trajectory for the next chapter.

Many experts speak about morning routines and the importance of finding one that starts you off on a healthy positive note. I am working on this myself, consistency is my problem but I try to show myself compassion when I don’t get up early enough to make it happen. My current morning routine is to go out in the sun for five minutes, and while out there I do either 5 minutes of breathwork. Taking this 5 minutes makes me feel like I am making myself and my health a priority. What is your morning routine?

The next thing is how you spend your time and what you expose yourself to. We all suffer from a time bind, too much to do, too little time.

It is helpful, especially as you start a new chapter to do a time audit and decide if you strategically want to adjust how you allocate your time.

Lastly, what and who you expose yourself to on a daily basis impacts how you see the world. If you spend time with negative people or TV news that just promotes anger and fear, guess what you are going to feel.

All of the prior things then feed into the big bucket of how you talk to yourself throughout the day. If you are taking conscious actions towards health, growth and vitality and acknowledge yourself for this throughout the day, you can start to create a positive feedback loop of self-talk rather than the old negative stories that can run rampant if you are not trying to change them. Changing these beliefs and thought patterns is what is behind the concept of brain plasticity. We can re-wire our brains by changing our thoughts, feelings and actions. It sounds simple but it takes a consistent effort and awareness. I work on this daily!!!

When I work with my clients we do an analysis of each of these aspects of life because small changes can have huge impacts on how you show up in life.
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