Building Trust

It is much easier to show up in the world with an open heart when you are well connected to your intuition and can trust the messages your body is sending about feelings of peace and safety.

If you have grown up in a volatile environment, or come out of a tumultuous relationship, many times it is hard to decipher what peace in other relationships looks and feels like.

There is a disconnect from the bodies alarm system or even a lack of understanding of the meaning behind the messages. This can lead to staying in bad relationships or not listening to your intuition and body signals early on that were telling you something is not right.

Learning to reconnect to your feelings and your intuition is a healing process. It is empowering to begin to notice the little signals your body sends and actually acknowledge them. You begin to trust yourself again and trust your own gut instincts.

Somatic exercises, yoga and NSDR meditations (yoga nidra) are a great way to re-build the body-heart connection. If you can do an NSDR daily for a few months, you will start to notice and focus on your reactions. This is how you start to re-tune to your own intuition. It is worth the time and actually a really rewarding and enjoyable process.

And the bonus is you can start to trust your gut again so that your relationship picker is fine tuned!
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