If I am feeling de-motivated, negative or sorry for myself, it usually means that my gratitude practices have fallen off and I am focusing more on what is not working or what I don’t have than the good that I have in my life. Living with gratitude helps you notice and appreciate even the small joys like a laugh with a friend, a delicious cup of coffee or a bit of time outside noticing nature.

We will all make mistakes in life, that is part of being human. As long as we learn the lessons so we don’t keep repeating those mistakes, there is no point in focusing on regret for very long.

And living in constant worry or fear can lead to chronic anxiety which does not help you achieve anything, most of the time, it negatively affects your mood, health and ability to think clearly and make changes.

Find a gratitude practice that works for you and let it blossom and notice how your mood improves. It is a natural feedback loop, the more gratitude you feel, the more good seems to come your way and the better you feel.
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