Post Divorce Coaching Program

Support Group starting soon:
The first year post-divorce is a time of big transitions and can feel overwhelming, confusing or exciting, everyone is different.
Many people struggle with adjusting to being single which is totally normal. Some want to unravel what went wrong in their marriage so they don’t make the same mistakes in future relationships.
Others want to start dating but there are some crucial steps that are important to take before diving into the realm of dating.
This group is for anyone who wants some guidance and support as they move forward with this new post-divorce chapter.
Lee Wright, a Certified Divorce Coach will run the 8 week group. There will be 8 group coaching sessions and 4 individual coaching sessions during the program.
 Everyone will receive a workbook that will guide the conversation each week and this will be something you can come back to after the group has completed.
Click the link below for more information.
If you have any questions, please call or text Lee at 321-696-3482
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