Small steps is a progress

When we go through hard times in life like divorce, life can feel overwhelming and the idea of doing things like filling out a financial affidavit or looking for a place to live can seem impossible. At times like these, setting very small goals can help.
 For example, rather than saying, tomorrow I will fill out all my forms, tell yourself, tomorrow I will get all the paperwork out on the table. The next day I will fill out any easy parts on the first few forms. 
This is called chunking for bigger tasks but it is also a game you can play with yourself because once you start a task, you usually find that the anticipation is worse than the actual task at hand.

This applies to things like exercise and eating a healthy diet. Rather than trying to change your whole diet, set a small goal like eating one vegetable a day for a week. 

The next week it can be one vegetable and one fruit, these little changes can go a long way and motivate you to continue to eat healthier and feel better. With exercise, you can start with a goal of one push up a day. If you start with something small, the resistance is smaller.

Small steps lead to little wins which can grow into bigger wins. Celebrate even the small wins!

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