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I love this on so many levels. 
Learning healthy emotional regulation means that we are able to control our reactions while still acknowledging the real emotions that are coming up. This is a learned sill but many of us did not have this role modeled in childhood and so we assumed that emotional outbursts were normal or acceptable. 
Along with that, so many of us are disconnected from our emotions because at some point the feelings felt to big and it was easier to numb them or build invisible walls to hide our emotions even from ourselves. 
Possibly from the emotional outbursts of the adults around us who were also disconnected from their emotions and not in control of their reactions. 
However those emotions have to come up somehow whether it is rage that is masking a whole iceberg of feelings or chronic pain because the body is holding all of it in or substance use to numb the pain. 
Gaining healthy control of our reactions and learning to be connected to our emotions are all part of the healing process. It is a constant journey of growth and awareness that can feel daunting at times but it is well worth it. 
I speak from personal experience and I am still working every day to do better, be better, feel better.
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