Take back your brain from the reptile

Take Back Your Brain from The Reptile!
In stressful times of life, like divorce or other big life changes, we can fall into a state of anxiety and let our minds run wild, ruminating on all the ‘worst case’ things that can happen.  We have to remember that these thoughts are not helpful and almost none of these fears are likely to take place.  
All of us periodically fall into the trap of letting our reptilian brain take over which means that our frontal cortex or rational brain has gone offline.  This reptilian brain tends to show up with negative thoughts that can spiral us into a state of anxiety or The Fight/Flight mode.  If we let this happen too often, it becomes a habit that has a regular pathway in our brain.  You can learn to stop this process with a 5-Step Process called Neuro-shaping.  
By using this Neuro-Shaping Process we can learn to catch the thoughts in the moment, take back control from the reptilian brain and change these thought patterns.  Over time, we can become faster and better at doing at stopping this process.  Not only will you be happier but your nervous system will be calmer and more regulated which leads to a healthier body and mind.
The 5-Step Neuro-Shaping Process:
Step 1: Notice when your reptilian brain has taken over and you have moved into a Primal State (anxiety, stress, overwhelm, etc).
Step 2: Become aware of exactly what you were thinking at that moment, because a specific thought sent you into that negative irrational Primal State.
Step 3: Recognize that these fears are NOT TRUE or REALITY 99% of the time. The Primal State is your nervous system’s response to irrational thinking that has entangled you with a thought or belief that isn’t true.
Step 4: Find the Opposite of the thought causing the Primal State. Because if the irrational thinking behind the Primal State is not true, then some form of the opposite must be true.
Step 5: Find evidence that this empowering thought IS true. Review your life, your experiences, feel into your intuition; what evidence do you have that the opposite of the irrational thinking is, in fact, true.
This simple 5-step process deactivates old neural networks that represent the limiting beliefs and conditioned reactions pushing you into a Primal State.
You can create new neural networks that become the powerful seeds of new beliefs, offering a new way of thinking, new ideas, and a new perception of yourself and your life and reduce anxiety.
I consider this the single most important practice during challenging times of life so that you start to move forward in a healthy direction and keep your nervous system from spinning out of control.
As you live this practice moment by moment, you literally use your mind to rewire and reprogram your brain.
And that changes EVERYTHING.
With just this one practice, you can eliminate toxic beliefs, insecurities, self-deprecating thoughts, feelings of I’m not good enough, the list goes on…
*I offer free consults for anyone needing additional support during Divorce or any other Major Life Transitions (Stay or Go, Divorce & Recovery, Empty Nest & Major Career Changes), I appreciate referrals! 
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