Divorce Recovery

There are phases to the recovery after a divorce.  The research shows that it takes about three years to find your equilibrium again but that process is also a beautiful opportunity to re-find yourself again.  

Many of us lose our sense of self in our marriages, in our attempt to keep everyone happy and taken care of, we forget to take care of ourselves.  

The first three years of healing post-divorce are a time of learning to enjoy your time by yourself.  It can be very intimidating at first to have so much time alone but it is also time for you to find the things that light you up inside.  

It is time to reconnect to old hobbies that you might have let go or find new hobbies that you have always wanted to try but they did not fit into the life you had as an intact family.  It is time to explore all forms of self care that you might not have given to yourself when you were focused only on taking care of others.  It is time to reconnect with old friends or join activities to make new friends who fit this new phase of life.

The old saying, ‘as one door closes, another door opens,’ is true for this next chapter.  It is not easy but nothing worth trying is easy.

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