By loving others , You need to Love yourself.

The journey to truly loving myself was one of the best things that came out of my divorce recovery. 
Many of us leave our marriage having forgotten who we truly are when we are happy, confident and at our best. 
For me loving myself again took time and a lot of personal growth work but the return on investment is priceless!!!
 It such a wonderful feeling to enjoy your own company and feel worthy of love. I now feel comfortable recognizing my own needs, taking time to do things that bring me joy, allowing myself to make time for self care without feeling guilty.
 I have started to create healthy boundaries because I respect myself and prioritize my mental health.
 I feel so much peace most of the time and I let the little things go easily. I have incorporated a daily gratitude practice that reminds me of all the good I have in my life. 
I wish this self-love, peace and joy to everyone, especially those struggling with the divorce and post-divorce recovery process. Embrace your light and your shadow, we all have both!
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