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his simple sentence is quite profound when you are single for the first time after a long-term marriage. The idea of being single can bring up many different emotions from excitement to fear, we all probably experience a bit of both at the outset of being single again. 
A few things to keep in mind when you are newly divorced, it is important to take some time to heal and reflect. Being single can be a beautiful time for self renewal and finding what you value and get joy from in this phase of life so don’t rush into a relationship too quickly. 
Healing also takes place in your future relationships, once you have done some solo work on yourself. 
You grow in a relationship by seeing your triggers and reacting differently than you have in the past. If you start to notice a pattern occurring in multiple relationships, keep in mind you are the common denominator and maybe you need to take some more time and excavate a bit more on your own. 
This has been my process, I have grown a lot on my own, lots of time invested in listening to books and journaling and being very honest with myself including my shadow and then I have grown a lot from each of my relationships, I have lessons from all of them and they have made me a much stronger and healthier person emotionally. 
Be patient with the process.
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